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Keep Harmful Ultraviolet Rays Out Of Your Car

Schedule a car window tint job in Sacramento or Roseville, CA

It's easy to think that you're protected from the sun inside your car. But dangerous ultraviolet rays can still make their way through your windows and damage your skin. Fortunately, you can get the protection you need with car window tint from Pro Auto Design.

You can update your car by bringing it to our shop in Sacramento or Roseville, CA. Just choose the amount of auto tint you want, from 3% to 60%, and we'll get to work tinting your windows in our state-of-the-art, dust-free shop. Your windows will be as attractive as they are functional.

Find out more when you contact us today.


You have options when it comes to car window tint. But if you want to know your vehicle is in skilled hands, visit Pro Auto Design. You'll appreciate that...

  • All of our auto tint film is cut by a machine for a precise, exact fit

  • We heat the film separately before placing it on your windows to avoid causing damage

  • We can tint every window, including your windshield, using nano-carbon or ceramic film​

​You can also get a lifetime warranty against bubbling, discoloration and peeling for your peace of mind. Ask about your auto tint options when you call our shop today.

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