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Why Settle for an Ordinary Look?

Give your car racing stripes in Sacramento or Roseville, CA

It seems like nearly every car on the road is just a single, solid color. If you want to make sure your car looks unique, consider racing stripes. Pro Auto Design works with all kinds of car stripes at our shops in Sacramento and Roseville, CA. You can...

  • Use straight-line black and white designs to give your car a traditional look

  • Add an angled line style to add a custom touch to your vehicle

  • Copy other vehicle designs if you have an exact style you want to match

Learn more about your options when you contact us today.


Placing racing stripes on your car might not seem like a complicated job. But an unskilled mechanic can end up giving your vehicle an uneven and unappealing look.

Pro Auto Design will update your car in our dust-free facility using state-of-the-art equipment. We have the attention to detail needed to turn your car into a work of art, and we'll take the time to make sure you love the result. Get the car stripes you want by visiting our location in Roseville or Sacramento, California.



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