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Give Your Car A Unique Look

Consider headlight or tailight tint in Sacramento or Roseville, CA

Bright, traditional headlights can look out of place on a car with a dark color scheme. If you want your headlights to blend in, bring your vehicle to Pro Auto Design for headlight tint.

We'll use high-quality materials to darken your headlight enclosures and give them a new, attractive look. You can make your headlights match your paint or grill or create a unique and interesting style that shows off your personality. We'll work with you to customize your car however you want. Schedule headlight tint services in Sacramento or Roseville, CA when you call us today.


Not sure if tinting is the right choice for your car? If you have questions or concerns, our tinting experts will be happy to help. Some of the most common questions we get are:

  • Will tinting dim my headlights? Since headlight tinting uses a different material from window tinting, it darkens headlights without blocking light.

    Can I tint my tail lights as well? Yes! We can use tail light tint that matches your headlights or give them a custom look.

  • What happens if my tint peels or bubbles? We provide a lifetime warranty on every tinting job and will fix the problem for you.

Set up a headlight or tail light tint job by contacting one of our locations today.



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